Service of the Month - April

Skin Needling!!

Skin Needling!!

Also known as Collegan Induction Therapy or CIT,

it has been referred to as MESO and Dermal Needling as well.

No matter what you call it- we think it is the

absolute BEST Reverse Ageing treatment available..... Full stop!

AND- we actually think that we are the BEST Salon in the State providing the service (maybe even the country ...but we don't know ALL the salons in Australia so that can't be verified LOL). YEP! Bold statement we know, but it is true.

The Skin Needling pen (or device) is like a magic wand when it comes to reversing environmental damage to our skin. But the real magic of these devices are the magicians themselves!! And the Your Very Best team are true skin needling Magicians. With over 56 years of combined Skin Care experience, we are able to create the magic you have never been able to achieve for your skin.

Skin Needling done correctly will trigger your skin into the healing cascade that will ReGrow your own collagen. Do you know what that means?

The three proteins that make us look young are collagen, elastin and hylarounic.

We stop growing collagen in our early 20's, so to do a simple salon treatment that will begin a process that REGROWs this super protein is..... MAGICAL.

The results from this treatment are long lasting and immediate.

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