Synergie Skin


Skincare Model

Great skin care results start with a proper and correct, skin analysis. While our therapists each have years of experience with skin, they can only see surface deep.


This is where our skin scanner system comes into play- using a high end computer program when analyzing your skin.

The skin scanner system will take different photos of your face and by using cutting edge technology,  together you and your therapist will be able to identify areas of concern, design treatment programs, track progress and individualize your Skin Care.


All our skin scanner sessions are done in private consultations are done in a private & positive setting.


ASAP Consultation.............$35

This consultation fee can be redeemed towards any recommended

skin care treatment either on the day or up to 2 months after consultation. Please allow up to 30 minutes for the consultation.

Appointments recommended. 

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Synergie’s skin perfecting medifacials are results driven, clinical facial treatments designed to rejuvenate and strengthen the skin

while addressing a wide range of skin concerns.


Whether in need of sun-damage or pigment correction, barrier repair or a vitamin and hydration boost, we have a bespoke treatment

option to suit your individual skin care needs. All treatments are paired with a facial massage and infusion options, to ensure maximum

ingredient absorption and results.


For optimal results, a course of 6 treatments performed at weekly intervals is recommended.

All the Synergie Skin perfecting medifacial treatments, 

are only available after an in-depth skin analysis and consultation has been completed.

Once a consultation is complete, you and your Synergie Skin Therapist will choose either a

*Purifying Medifacial

*Cellular Repair Medifacial

*Radiance Medifacial

*Barrier Repair Medifacial

*Vitamin Infusion Medifacial

*Retinol Enzyme Medifacial

Synergie Medifacials
$162 each

Purifying Medifacial

A deep cleansing facial treatment designed to target oily, congested and acne prone skin.


Synergie Purifying Medifacial utilises the power of chemical and physical exfoliation, coupling a gentle crystal exfoliation with the resurfacing elements of alpha and beta hydroxy acids. A custom–made zeolite and bentonite clay mask detoxifies the skin for a deep-pore clean.


Includes the Synergie Skin double mask therapy to accelerate and enhance your results with a complete 60-minute treatment. This advanced version infuses hydration with an algae-based mask for optimal clinical results.

Cellular Repair Medifacial

A nourishing and hydrating treatment to replenish water and lipid dry skin, dullness from seasonal / environmental changes, and a perfect remedy for jetlag.


Synergie Cellular Repair Medifacial restores the Skin with essential vitamins A (stabilised retinol) and vitamin B3 (niacinamide) to increase ceramide production, rebuild the skins barrier proteins and optimize cellular processes.


An algae–based mask then infuses the vitamins into the deeper layers of the skin, followed by an intensive pure olive squalene and anti–inflammatory botanical facial massage for replenishment of the dehydrated skin barrier.


Includes Synergie Skin double mask therapy to bolster, rebuild and balance the skin with probiotics, anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants. This advanced 60-minute version includes the Synergie Repair+Restore mask under the BioAlginate mask to accelerate and further enhance the skin perfecting medifacial results.

Radiance Medifacial

A high-performance facial treatment designed to combat hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.


Designed to target the source of hyperpigmentation, the Synergie Radiance Medifacial will correct uneven skin tone from a cellular level. Following a thorough double cleanse and gentle exfoliation using corundum crystals, an intensive blend of tyrosinase inhibiting peptides and vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) is custom made to target the cellular cause of hyperpigmentation. An algae-based mask then infuses this potent combination into the deeper layers of the skin.


Includes Galvanic infusion and extended massage to accelerate the correction of hyperpigmentation and maximises brightening results for radiant and luminous skin, by increasing ingredient delivery into the skin and target cells by 400%. Embrace the pigment fighting and deeply hydrating qualities of this treatment.

Vitamin Infusion 

A dynamic hydration and vitamin-booster for your skin infused with Galvanic technology.


This is the ultimate facial treatment for those concerned with the signs of premature aging, hyperpigmentation and photodamage.


The Synergie Vitamin Infusion Medifacial is a powerful infusion of biologically active peptides, essential vitamins, and marine biotechnology to create visible and cellular improvement. Galvanic technology is used to infuse key ingredients into the deep basal and dermal layers up to 400% more effectively than massage alone. The infusion is followed by a luxurious facial massage to hydrate, repair and invigorate fatigued skin. 


Includes the algae  based firming mask to enhance delivery of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin and target cells, for maximum potency. This mask also addresses puffiness and dark circles in the eye area and leaves the skin glowing and plump, yet soft, calm and hydrated

Retinol Enzyme

Synergie Retinol Enzyme Medifacial harnesses the potent efficacy of next generation stabilised retinol and enzymatic ingredient technology, hydrates, repairs and invigorates fatigued skin.

*Not suitable for pregnant clients

Vitamin A, pineapple and papaya fruit extracts work in synergy to revitalise and reset cellular function. A powerful skin-perfecting combination of Vitamin B3 (niacinamide), DNA-repairing peptides and stimulating marine biotechnology ingredients is then infused to the deepest layers of the skin with the BioAlginate firming infusion mask.


A superb Medifacial to rebuild, rebalance and refine all skin types.

Barrier Repair

A restoring facial treatment to soothe, calm and heal inflamed, reddened and sensitised skin.


The Synergie Barrier Repair medifacial is a gentle yet rejuvenating facial treatment powered by niacinamide to rebuild the barrier proteins and boost skin immunity.


First, settle into a luxurious restorative mask treatment brimming with probiotics, Vitamin B3, anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. Then, unwind with a massage comprising of pure olive squalene and anti-inflammatory botanicals to reduce redness, heat and irritation.


Includes the Synergie Skin double mask therapy to accelerate and enhance your results with a complete 60-minute treatment. This advanced version embraces the cooling and hydrating sensation with an algae-based mask for optimal clinical results.


Synergie  Minerals


Synergie Minerals is a cosmeceutical mineral makeup range formulated to benefit your skin. With high-grade zinc oxide and titanium dioxide minerals, Synergie Minerals offers superior quality, broad-spectrum UV and Infrared sun protection for all skin exposed to the environment.


Catering to all makeup needs, the range covers protective and flawless foundations, active lip-glosses, hydrating blushes and bronzers, post-operative concealers and gentle, natural mascara for the lashes. Synergie Minerals is truly a functional makeup range that completes your daily skincare regimen.