Our Booking Policy

When you book an appointment at Your Very Best-  we are holding that time slot for you!

If you need to change, alter or move that appointment we will always accommodate when we can. We love to look after you and we want to make it easy for you to come in.

However,  if you need to make any changes you will need let us know BEFORE 6pm the day BEFORE your treatment.

If you cancel, NO SHOW or do a late adjustment with your appointment then you will be charged a $30 fee.

We know and understand that sometimes things come up last minute and it can’t be helped BUT we ask you to understand that with over 600 regular clients on our books, if everyone cancelled last minute JUST once or twice a year we lose over 600 hours of business. This is not fair to us, the staff or other clients that would have loved that appointment time.


Which brings us to our final (and more positive thought) If we can fill the gap your late cancellation has made then there will be NO CHARGE.  We don’t want to charge you $30. We want to do Beauty Therapies!!!!

We will do our utmost to fill your gap (we hate standing around) but you can help!!! Post on your own Facebook or Instagram page that “there is NOW a Gap at Your Very Best at 4pm!”  Someone you know might be dying for a facial! Wax! or Massage and them filling your gap means NO CHARGE to you! It means NO loss of business for us! And that someone gets to have a GREAT service!! We do NOT want to go down the route of pre-charging for appointments like a lot of other salons are having to do. We believe that as a community we can alleviate the problem of late cancellations if we all take a bit of ownership and be respectful of each other’s time.

The second way you can help is by using the Stand by list. We run a standby list at Your Very Best every single day & hour we are open. If you have a couple of other preferred appointment times than the one you secured….get on the stand by list! Then if one of your Beauty sisters or brothers have to call and cancel late you will be filling their gap for them and in turn someone might fill your gap for you. This is a terrific way that we can all work together.

Thanks for your understanding and compliance

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All bookings and appointments are subject to our terms and conditions including our Booking policy.

While the utmost care is taken to keep details and information correct and up to date on this website, Treatment prices will reflect most current pricelist displayed at the centre. no concessions will be given on out of date or incorrect  information displayed on any advertising materials.