Dermal needling

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Also known as Collegan Induction Therapy or CIT, it has been referred to as MESO and Dermal Needling as well.

No matter what you call it, we think it is the absolute BEST Reverse Ageing treatment available.

Skin Needling done correctly will trigger your skin into the healing cascade that will Regrow your own collagen, revitalize your skin, correct negative environmental damage and be a major component of any ongoing Anti Ageing program.

You can also leverage Skin Needle to target specific concerns like acne scarring, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, rosacea, skin tightening and a multitude of skin concerns.

The results from this treatment are long lasting and immediate.



Dermal Needling

All the benefits of our regular needling session but is a MILLION times better!!!

It includes a full face, neck and décolletage, eyelids and back of hands!
By the time we finished we have created over a MILLION micro channels!
That is a million opportunities for product absorption, a million chances of reverse ageing and a MILLION dollar outcome!


Face & Neck

Dermal Needling

Full face needling session includes forehead, cheeks, nose, around the eyes, lip, chin and all the way down the neck to décolletage to give the recipient an all over rejuvenation and Reverse Ageing treatment.


1/3 FACE

Dermal Needling

Most commonly used when the recipient has had a couple of full face sessions and needs to target a couple of stubborn areas but doesn't need to do the entire face again. You choose which 3rd you are working on..... we do recommend starting with the full face first and finishing by using the 1/3 to target stubborn skin concerns like scarring and lines.




Dermal Needling Upgrade

The two areas on our face with the finest skin. Also the two areas to show signs of ageing first and most obviously. You can quickly add this treatment to most of our Synergie Medifacials or Nimue treatments to give yourself and age prevention upgrade every time  you have a treatment



Dermal Needling Upgrade

If you are booked in for a full face of needling and need a little bit more then you can quickly suggest the neck upgrade. We strongly recommend the upgrade for that area


 UberPro PEEL

DP Dermaceuticals Upgrade

We all know the Reverse Ageing benefits of Skin Needling. NOW- you can double the impact of your treatment by treating pigment, discolouration and uneven skin at the same time by a adding the Uber Peel on the same day. Your skin must be well prepped to do this add on, so be sure to talk to your Skin Specialist about desired outcomes before your treatment



DP Dermaceuticals Upgrade

Triple your Full face needling outcomes by treating your skin to a Reverse Ageing session, pigment peel AND a deep line correction application. Again this upgrade requires some skin preparation and will need a bit extra down time for healing. But the results for a non surgical treatment are pretty impressive



Bespoke your needling session by adding a transdermal solution as the glide serum. Then take home the professional TDS for your own  targeted aftercare - 4 skin types



The days following a needling session can leave some skins tight and uncomfortable as the healing process happen. One way to avoid this (necessary) feeling is to book a Recovery session between days 5-7. This gorgeous, hydrating facial includes a LED upgrade to re energize those hard working cells doing all  the repair work deep down in your skin


Dermal Needling:EVERYTHING you might need to know

Dermal Needling:EVERYTHING you might need to know

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