Skin Correction and Camouflage 3g



1. Titanium Dioxide

UVA/B protection

2. Argan oil

Soothes, antioxidant and promotes healing.

3. Iron Oxide

Adds to UVA/B protection whilst blocking visible light, great for those with melasma.

4. Castor Seed Oil

Antimicrobial, boosts the immune system and assists wound healing.

5. Vitamin E

Antioxidant, hydrator and non-comedogenic oil.


Concealer- (light/Medium or Medium/Dark)

  • For general skin imperfections


  • Moderate bluish dark circles under the eyes

Redness Correct

  • Redness from Rosacea
  • Telangiectasias
  • Post-operative redness of the skin; ie.IPL, laser, Fraxel, peels

Pigment Correct

  • Brown/yellow based hyperpigmentation.
  • Black, brown and yellow bruises
  • Sallow circles under eyes
  • (darker skin types)

Bruise Control

  • Purple Bruises
  • Severe purple-black dark circles under eyes
  • Pale purple and white scar

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