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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Tyrosinase Inhibitors

Before we start talking about what Tyrosinase Inhibitors are, we should really establish what Tyrosinase actually is or does, RIGHT! Tyrosinase is a multi-copper enzyme which is widely distributed in different organisms, and plays an important role in the melanogenesis and enzymatic browning. Left unchecked and uncontrolled Tyrosinase will create brown patches in your skin. There is a multitude of reasons that your skin will develop these brown spots Sun exposure being the most obvious, but you can also develop these spots from medication, hormone imbalances, chemical burns and even pregnancy. All of these are a result of tyrosinase activity. As a general statement, MANY Australians with fair skin should have a multitude of tyrosinase inhibitors in their every day skin care. As a prelude to Plasma fibroblasting we insist that the client be on a high concentrate of Tyrosinase Inhibitors for a minimum of 2 weeks before treatment. To celebrate our focus of Plasma Fibroblasting this month we are placing several great products with clinically proven Tyrosinase Inhibitors in them on a Special Sale Price

For Synergie Skin users...

Our Synergie clients will need to incorporate enLIghten to their skin care routine prior to Fybroblasting.

For those interested in Enlighten as an ongoing product, it is a topical treatment for most forms of hyper pigmentation and sun damage

• A potent complex of tyrosinase inhibitors and natural skin brighteners reduces the activity of cells that produce melanin

• Minimises the risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

It can be used as an all over application for overall brightening, or be applied sparingly to affected areas for targeting pigmentation.

Normally $139 Sale Price: $118.15

For Nimue users...

For our Nimue users, we recommend using the TDS for Hyperpigmented skin and prior to Fibroblasting.

A Transdermal Solution that repairs the skin barrier for enhanced product efficacy.

Hyperpigmented TDS evens out and brightens skin tone and provides protection against damaging free radicals.

Normally $66 Sale Price: $56.10

**sales prices are only for the month of February 2021**

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