LIVE Event this month - June

The Age Perfection Skin Event

We are doing a DUAL Live and online event on Wednesday 16th of June.

We are presenting our Age Perfection Skin presentation to 10 lucky YVB clients at 6:30 June 16th, keeping the event participants numbers very small and 100% Covid Safe. HOWEVER: We are going to Broadcast our event LIVE (at the same time) in our YVB Facebook Group so everyone else can watch, learn AND (more importantly) participate in the SPECIAL OFFERS that are going to be launched at this very Special event

The topics of discussion will include a detailed look at: Nutrition and ingestible sources for beautiful skin. Genetic testing and it's relevance to AGE prevention. Advanced treatments including Peels, IPL, Needling, Cryo and Fibro Blasting. If you are interested in being one of the lucky 10 LIVE participants, please let us know HERE. If you would like to jump in and join us online the night of the Age Perfection Skin Event, Let us know HERE and we will make sure that you get a reminder for

Wednesday June 16th at 6:45pm

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