The benefits of LED light was discovered many years ago in outer space by NASA and researching astronauts. What they found was that different light wavelengths (colours) had different effect on our bodies.


The beauty industry has built upon this initial research and found that not only does the wavelength matter but also in frequency.

They found that by flashing the lights (like a strobe light) would stimulate certain reactions at the cellular level.

It's common knowledge that this photosynthesis of sorts happens everyday with sunlight encouraging vitamin D production.

Our SSLED produces 7 different colours and we can adjust the frequency to heal and repair damages in the skin-

reduce redness, fade pigmentations, stimulate collagen production, reduce oil flow- all with lights.


When used on it's own there is no down time and is non invasive

. When used in conjunction with other treatments it enhances the effects of both treatments, boosts healing times and decreases recovery times.