What do I need to bring?

We provide all the basics you will need for your float session. Both rooms have their own private shower cubicle and we provide Body Wash, Shampoo & Conditioner. We also provide towels, disposable ear plugs, body lotion and deodorant. You will need to bring bathers (Bring a plastic bag to take them home in), a hair brush or comb (if applicable), and if you wanted to listen to music then bring and ipod or MP3 player with your preferred music. 


Other FAQ's

Can i float with a friend?   A- yes and no. You cannot float in the same tank together but, depending on availability, we have 2 tanks and you can arrange to come together. Also see our Specials for costs


Do I need to be in complete darkness? no, but the best results are achieved with the less sensory input you have. 


How long should I float for? This depends on you. We always recommend 1st time floaters have a 1 hour session to get a feel for floating before booking in for a longer session but if you feel that trying a longer session on your first visit will be fine then go for it. Please note that we will charge any sessions based on the booked time. 


What if I need to get out early? This is fine. The doors are never locked and you can exit the tank at anytime. Please note that we will charge any sessions based on the booked time. This is one reason why we recommend your first session be 1 hour in length. 


I have another Question I don't see here?

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Floating at YVB

Floating has a myriad of benefits, and each float session can give you different benefits. The universal benefit is a more relaxed state of mind & Body. The floating solution consists of 350 kilograms of epsom salts dissolved in about 30 cm of water. Think about your relaxing, at-home soaks, you might put 500g to 1K- this is 350K!!! (your muscles will thank you forever) 



We offer a float & Massage package- have any normal priced massage and have any float session for half price. Float can before or after your massage but only valid on the same day. 



Sessions lengths start at 1 hour, we also offer 1.5 hours, 2 and 3 hour sessions for the more experienced floater. 




Session Pricing

1 hour..............$49

1.5 hours.........$70

2 hours............$85

3 hours............$115



Introductory Offer-

This is valid only on your first visit. 3, one-hour sessions for only $99. T&C's- must be used within 4 weeks of 1st session. non- transferable. 

With A Massage or facial

Have a float before or after your massage or before your facial

and only pay half price for your float


Pre-paid sessions 

1 hour sessions,  valid for 12 months 

5 sessions.........$190 Save $55

10 Sessions.......$350 Save $140



Please note. Float session lengths are based on the time you spend in the tank. We schedule an additional 30 minutes to every session to allow you to change, shower before & after the float, and to redress. This time also allows us to filter the water between sessions and clean and reset the room for the next client. You must be on time for your float sessions- your time may be cut short to accommodate the next appointment. 



For your first time we recommend a 1 hour length session- you can pick a longer time but you will be charged for the session time you have booked for regardless if you exit the tank early.  Our best recommendation is the introductory offer.